Saturday, February 16, 2008

We did it! (oh my, what did I get into...)

The silence after the storm! And a storm it was to work with Jessica and Heather. The first two days I was all fired up, the third day I felt that it was not going to happen after all... so much like that that I actually had to remind myself that PPFA would not come down here for fun but that they actually had the intention to get this project started with Us.
But the third day I felt I was tested: my intentions, my ways of working and even my philosophy was put to the test. And I ended up exhausted, dreading the last day of work, fearing that not much of what I had dreamed up would materialize.
In the end almost all of what I had imagined seems to be possible. is just going to be Gabi and I. Scary, with so much work! But perhaps we can afford somebody else before the end of the year.
Well, now Heather and Jessica have left and we have a mountain of work ahead: fixing up the house, getting the furniture..oh, yes, if anybody would like to donate, they are more than welcome to. At the same time the legal process has to get started, something I am afraid I will mostly leave to poor Gabi!

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