Thursday, September 4, 2008


Some news...
we are getting used to working the center, getting more visits everyday and connecting with important people in the community. We are also making the place our home, putting up pictures, hanging flowerpots. Gabi found her own workspace and now reigns over her own desk.
Jessica came to visit and cleared a lot of our doubts regarding paperwork, stats etc.

The TV is up and the new DVD bought, now we just need to convert and copy our VHS movies.

The first prenatal class is running with three participants at first, but one of the babies was already born (see photo!).
One of the other two will also be born at Manos Abiertas. Many other people are inquiring about our services, most of them because they saw the ad on Televolcanes.

We also have our first "user" ( ...of a family planning method by PPFA), but so far most people come for prenatal care or for their pap smears.

Just two days ago I was very happy to see that one of the traditional midwives I used to work with at IXMUCANE years ago, found us and inquired about bringing in her clients both for prenatal care and for her birth. Here the TBAs are forbidden from attending first time moms, and we want to help our traditional colleages and their clients to be able to gave a "humanized" ( that is what they call it here!) birth, which by (our) definition means to keep them out of the National Hospital and allow for a natural, gentle birth experience for both mother and baby.

Jill ended up not staying with us, I understand that it is hard to keep faith when you are sitting for days without seeing one sole client... but that is what you call starting a clinic!

Next week our next intern will arrive, Karine from Quebec. I have high hopes since she sounds so motivated and organized...good for her and us, we need a bit of rest and she needs exposure!
We have had to ask Margaret a lot more to help us than planned and we do not want her to get tired.

Last but not least some news from Centro de Parto Natural in the city: we had our twins! Violeta and Ivan had their planned twin homebirth and Alexis and Marcos, 6 and a half lbs each slipped easily into this world on Sunday night.