Sunday, April 6, 2008

Donations coming in!

After a long birth a few days ago, see picture, we are now concentrating on getting the MANOS ABIERTAS clinic going. We have so much support, I can´t actually believe it. Karin Reichensperger from the Message Program has been particularly helpful, see the picture from her warehouse at Familias de Esperanza!
We have about half of our medical equipment already at the clinic, not even talking about disposables...
and I just got an email from Dianne Thompson , from Antigua, who wants to donate our file cabinet! Thanks Dianne! (And thanks Terry, from the Revue magazine, who is publishing our ad for free which was how Dianne found out about us!!)
Yet another donor is Raul Minondo, somebody who has actually nothing whatsoever to do with our work, but who happens to have been a friend for years. Raul is giving us our beds and the fridge.

And , of course, thanks to the best friend of all, to John Mann. Are you ever done helping people?