Tuesday, June 10, 2008

two months of silence

...do not mean that nothing has happened!
The last months we did paperwork , means we have managed to become a legal association, and are in the process to get legal as a clinic as well. The municipality has authorized us to open the doors, and yesterday already a young girl stepped in and inquired about a birth!
Sandra, our pediatrician already has an appointment for today and other people have inquired about gyn services.
Now we have to learn to stick to opening hours, against all odds...I think all of us are having a hard time with that. Gabi has moved to San Antonio and is trying to get her act together and Jill is growing into her position as a volunteer with hopes for a future job.
Dr Menendez has been a great help and we are happy to have him as our director and advisor. I personally am learning a lot of new things, the hardest being how to actually coordinate and not inhibit, demotivate etc.
Just for everybody to see that we are not just talking but getting a women´s health center started, some photos: