Friday, September 4, 2009

How time flies!

It's been over half a year since I last wrote...meaning we have been extremely busy.

Here the highlights:

Presentation of movie "Gasolina" in the park of ciudad Vieja.

Dental Jornada in Manos Abiertas.

The arrival, Jornada, break down and repair of our ultrasound machine... now we are using it and the clients are happy to get everything done here and at once. 

For the same reason we have implemented simple lab tests: Type and Factor, Hemoglobin, UA. 

Since Sandra, our  addition since May, is studying to be a lab tecnician, we are seriously thinking about adding still more lab services.

Both Gabi and Sandra have been very busy with administrative issues. they are inventing (!) a  database, with help of Sandra's friend Melvin, a computer wizz.

We are surpassing out set goals for this year already! Many more clients, many more users of contraceptive methods and several more births, with relatives signing up after they hear about the first women's experience.

Below a picture of a recent birth...

Right now Jessica is here , reviewing financial issues. Tomorrow there will be a board meeting, with hopefully more people singning up for the association. There will be pictures of that event as well!

Oh yes, I almost forgot!

We had a visit from Christy Turlington and her film team for the documentary on maternal and child health she is directing!

Besides learning lots of new info on recent development in strategies concerning maternal and child health, we also hadd a good time, visited Doña Marcela in San Antonio who was interviewed and we shared our birth experiences with Christy...